Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Third World Aspirations "Revealed"

The economy was sold for stock buybacks and special dividends, while Etraders swapped worthless pieces of paper back and forth. Given enough time, history's most morally void generation of mindless corporate zombies, laid themselves off, pending Ponzi revelation.

Got Walmart? The elevator ride to reality is waiting...
Long-term Treasury bond yields aka. forward deflation expectations

Got profits?
Corporate profits baselined to GDP

Got eConomy?
U.S. Stocks by sector

Got Risk?
Russell / Dow Ratio: Binary repricing of risk visualized
As it was right up until Lehman, Etraders were leaning ALL IN Risk ON...

Got Jim Jones?

Jim Jones is pleased to announce the new "Imagined Realities Fund", and the Madoff Special Monkey Fund, guaranteed to outperform the PhD competition...

MW: June 25, 2015
The monkey portfolio is outperforming the average hedge fund 2.5:1

Speaking of hairless monkeys...

The next leg down will monkey hammer the stoned zombies into fucking oblivion, by way of getting their attention. The only way "this" could end - plausible deniability being the euthanasia of the stoned masses. The masses desperately wanted psychopaths to lie to them, and a generation of Bernie Madoffs obliged. They could have seen this coming, if they had only stopped for one millisecond to question where all of the cheap shit at Walmart comes from...and why "their" wages are still 1/10th ours, despite us having outsourced every industry to them. Ponzi debt.  

It's been a fun charade, if you're into that sort of thing...

Railroads: The train is leaving the station and the stoned zombies are not on it

We've never seen anything this crazy before...

S&P with average stock: "No one saw that coming"

NYSE new highs
10 day moving average. More crazy shit...

Key sectors are breaking down. Again.
Transports as ratio of S&P

Shanghai Composite with U.S. stocks:

Utilities as ratio of 10 year bonds

S&P with Money Flow

Submerging markets w/oil stocks:

Nasdaq distribution (up volume / down volume):

Dr. Copper with Global GDP Growth:

The momentum trade is ending. Netflix gapped up and then closed at the lows of the day...
Same with every other momentum stock...

NYSE Composite with internals

Momentum: Price / Volume:

Yearly rate of change: Another measure of momentum 

Junk bonds

OECD Carry trades ready to reveal the Fed's colossal liecovery hiding in broad daylight...

Got Netflix?