Friday, June 26, 2015

Denialism is the Root Cause of Collapse

It's hard to solve problems in a society devoted to pretending they don't exist. The biggest problem we have today is that "we" pretend that there are no problems.

Denialism can't be 'fixed'. It fixes itself.

Getting past denialism, here is a concise list of root causes of collapse, as brief as possible, and borrowing heavily from Paul Kennedy's:

"The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers"

In other words, these are all of the MASSIVE issues that are being denied right now...

Hubris: 'exceptionalism', denial, laziness, complacency

Moral decay: greed, materialism, gluttony, nihilism, hedonism, cynicism, narcissism

Lack of competitiveness: Recurring trade deficits, outsourcing, industrial arbitrage

Rent-seeking: excessive speculation, excessive laws, lawyers, regulations, lobbying

Complexity/sclerosis/stagnation: intractable bureaucracy, incompetence

Depletion of the treasury: borrowing for consumption versus investment

Currency debasement: Monetizing debt, printing money

Financial engineering: Derivatives and Ponzi Finance as substitute for real economy

Strategic overreach: Troops in 145 countries, war mongering, serial blunders

Resource/energy depletion: Buying oil from terror sponsors, fracking, environmental degradation

Consumption over investment: Consuming the future via stock buybacks and special dividends

Propaganda/spectacle: Faux News, reality TV

For those who still believe in Macroeconomic policy here is how today's asinine policies deviate from the prescribed implementations. 

This shows the magnitude of incompetence inherent to today's thought dealers:

We need not expect "responsible" application of policy, because the concept of responsibility no longer exists. 

Only collapse and reset can break rampant denialism.