Friday, June 26, 2015

Ponzi World: An Orderly Self-Obliteration. For Now.

Bernie Madoff would be proud of how all this is ending

Distribution visualized: 
The process by which Wall Street dumps worthless stock onto Etrader bagholders...
NYSE distribution (up volume / total volume) 30 week moving average

Another Hindenburg Omen today
H.O. Count: 5

Momentum Oscillator Top pane, new highs middle pane, new lows bottom
Horitzontal black lines mark minimum thresholds for lows/highs

Overnight Chinese stock rout continues
U.S.-listed Chinese small caps: RISK OFF
(down 29% from highs)

Shanghai Composite 

The power of psychopaths visualized - consumption sentiment rising into collapse...
Consumption sentiment with the "eConomy"
Consumer sentiment just rose for some totally unknown reason...

Long-term Treasuries and Real Estate (REITS) continue to be totally ignored: 

"We are now investing (your money) in Imagined Realities"
Unhedging at the worst possible time. 
(index put/call)

Etraders ALL IN, as it was pre-Lehman:

(Volatility) bets on collapse, highest since Lehman. Because Goldman Skynet always knows something...
CBOE VIX call/put ratio (35 day moving average)

This just in: Latest (last?) Greek bailout deal rejected