Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Dumbest Fucking Society In History

Laid itself off to "increase" profits.

Consumer price Index (red). Interest rates (blue)

In today's Idiocracy the most widely embraced and LETHAL assumptions are the most easily refuted. In the asinine debate between deflation and inflation, deflation won thirty five years ago. Which is only a secret to blind men and those selling gold bars.

We live under the all time asinine assumption that 0% interest rates will now succeed where 1% interest rates failed catastrophically...

After the stagflation of the 1970s, economic con artists 'knew' how to fix inflation once and for all. Just open up the economy to the Third World. 'Problem solved', by the dumbest fucking people who walked the planet.

We live under the critical ASSumption that lowering interest rates creates reflation/inflation. And higher interest rates are contractionary. Which would be the case if Monetary policy was actually controlling the economy, instead of the other way around. 

Below, are the CPI and Fed Funds rate. Clearly, the Fed doesn't create inflation, the Fed follows inflation. Why? Because if the Fed was creating reflation, then the CPI would be the highest when interest rates are the lowest and vice versa, which is the exact opposite of what is actually happening... 

Monetary policy is a colossal failure. It doesn't work it never did. It merely inflates stocks while the economy gets dismantled. Monetary policy doesn't control the economy, the ever-disappearing economy controls Monetary policy. 

"And for this act, 0% interest rates due to a non-existent economy, will now fix a non-existent economy"
If interest rates reflate the economy, then why the fuck is inflation 0% at 0% interest rates? And why was inflation so high when interest rates were 20%???

Zero reflation at 0% interest rates
CPI: Liecovery visualized
The Fed will be raising interest rates anytime never.
"This is just due to lower food and energy costs due to the global economy collapsing despite interest rates at 500 year lows. It's nothing to worry about."

Therefore, if inflation controls interest rates, then what controls inflation?

The ever-widening output gap, which is controlled by outsourcing psychopaths...

A con job in broad daylight...

Denialism is the root cause of collapse: