Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Hunger Games Economy

How to plan history's largest 'surprise' riot...

"...Then the stunned middle class was efficiently monetized by the exact same psychopaths they had just bailed out, while they were still in the fetal position post-Lehman. It was 9-11 Shock Doctrine, on steroids. Meanwhile, those highly fortunate wealthy gamblers who remained intact post-bailout were so grateful, that they turned around and threw it all down the exact same shit hole as last time. The same psychopath casino that robbed them twice previously. But only because their Jim Jones financial advisors told them to do so...Nevertheless, in the end, the bailout would be for absolutely nothing, other than to bury everyone. Including the multinational corporations which, having no else to monetize, monetized themselves, using stock buybacks and *special* dividends at 0%. So it all worked out in the end. After the riots subsided."

Walmart versus Netflix (new all time high):

As long as no one needs another bail-out, this will all turn out fine.

There is no one left to warn them, so the wealthy are oblivious to risk. 2008 will be repeated sans bailout and sans economy. Bailing out greedy fucks, just so that they can continue on their sordid ways, can never end well. One of many Third Grade concepts that the Idiocracy can't understand - up there with printing money to artificially inflate stocks, borrowing your way out of debt, shipping the economy to China and wondering why there are no jobs, etc. etc...

Fortunately, nature has checks and balances on unbridled stupidity - In Ponzi World, those who sell others, eventually get sold.

And then the game of charades ends. Abruptly.