Sunday, June 8, 2014

Shock Doctrine on a Global Scale

The Financial Crisis Enabled Ponzi Capitalism to Go ALL IN
Just as WWII was an extension of the unresolved WWI, likewise what comes next will be the brutal resolution to what only got initiated in 2008 i.e. final total meltdown of self-imploding Globalized Ponzi Capitalism...

Shock Doctrine on a Massive Scale: Third World Status
The financial crisis of course, never actually ended. The monkey-hammering of the masses gave perfect cover allowing ponzi capitalism to go into overdrive. Policy-makers and the general public were in the fetal position and offered no resistance. It was all just Shock Doctrine on a global scale. As this article describes point blank, the fact that the number of jobs created since 2008 now equals the jobs lost during the "great recession", is largely irrelevant. Most of the new jobs are low-paying, temporary and/or part-time. Median income has fallen over 5% in the interim, and the percentage of actual unemployed people is the same as it was at the height of the recession - due to population growth. Factoring in population growth, and the economy would need 7 million more jobs just to be on par with 2008. So, once again, these facts are all well documented and discussed, yet widely ignored. There is not one plan or idea on the table to address any of these issues and otherwise stop the slide towards Third World status. Total stagnation and inertia. 

The Wonderful Illusion
Still, looking at this illusion from the outside, one would never know that the real economy - adjusted for debt, inflation, and money printing, had been imploding for five years straight as corporate outsourcing went into overdrive. Aside from the daily mass shootings, geopolitical crises, and fabricated economic reports, there is almost nothing to give away the massive lie behind the Dow and the forced smiles of the Borg maintaining their sacred illusion. And they all dutifully hold that illusion to the bitter end, right before they go from full acceptance to full automatic, in you know, one click.

Tea Party Republican one day, deranged psycho the next. And vice versa of course...
Five dead in Las Vegas Shoot-out at Walmart (June 8th, 2014)

Just today, we learned that the yield on Spain's 10-year bonds fell below the yield on the benchmark U.S. 10-year. This despite the fact that Spain's overall unemployment rate is 26%, the youth unemployment rate is 53%, government deficit -7% of GDP, and GDP growth is .4%.

That is the note out today from DB on the stock market. They use the P/E ratio divided by the VIX to assess the level of risk. Considering that profit margins are at the highest level in U.S. history and higher than in 2000 by 7% of GDP, yes, I would say that sums up Shock Doctrine taken to the extreme. 

Corporate Profits % of GDP, Up by 7% of GDP in 15 years:

The Borg IS the Illusion Pretending Over Mass Insanity
At this late juncture, the fact that this crisis remains unresolved and totally ignored, speaks to the overriding corruption of this decadent society. The wealthy nations are fundamentally self-absorbed, greedy, lazy, amoral, crass, cynical, ignorant, attention deficit, infantile, irresponsible, undereducated, buffoonish and stupid to the fucking core, in no particular order. Right at this very moment, complacency towards these corrupt financial markets is at the least-concerned level in a decade despite the fact that literally nothing has changed in the past five years, other than to allow risk to accumulate in the background. The zombie Borg has conveniently decided that all of these unresolved problems are behind them now. Mission Accomplished.

The Definition of Insanity
What exactly is the thought process I am supposed to adopt in this era? Trust that Wall Street which was betting on the collapse of middle class America via the housing market, has somehow reformed its all-consuming self-destructive drive for profits? And I suppose I should trust the regulators who were asleep at the wheel the entire time the Housing bubble was inflated. Again these game show host politicians, I should trust them too and their 11% approval rating - that they will protect my interests this time around. Or these billunaires reminding us that this is the best time in human history while the world implodes around them in real-time - very compelling. Most importantly, despite the fact that nothing has changed in the iterim, other than to shift the liability burden from private to public and heap on more debt - I should trust that "it" was a "once in a generation event", as it's been sold by Wall Street. Sure, whatever.

Therefore, the vast majority will be extremely surprised when a *new* financial crisis all of a sudden pops up out of  "nowhere". At no time would it ever occur to them that it's the exact same financial crisis that has only been festering in the meantime.