Saturday, March 1, 2014

Fuck Ted Nugent and Anyone Who Looks Like Him

Ironically, these evolution-denying demented hill billies are at risk of self-extinction...

For anyone outside of the U.S. who doesn't know who Ted Nugent is, picture that American you meet and then afterwards all you keep wondering is, "holy fuck, what happened?". Oh yeah, and he was a '70s rock star for about :15 minutes.

Brainwashed by Faux News
Unfortunately, I have faint sympathy for demented hilly billies who don't represent their own interests. For 30+ years now they've been voting the wrong way and standing by while their children's future was sold out from underneath them. In Darwin-speak, that phenomenon is known as the "unlikely survival of the least fit".

In the age of drones and NSA databases, being "fit" is no longer a function of joining the local militia group and sporting the right tattoos. The fantasy narrative among the Nugent-set is that the well stocked militias will rise up against the U.N. Communist controlled U.S. government and then resurrect The Little House on the Prairie, as every immigrant who came to the U.S. in the past 100 years packs up and heads "home". Good luck with that. I think the DHS has been war gaming that scenario for about a decade now and the NSA has that database fully indexed. Drones, 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition, spy satellites, several million returned troops sitting around with nothing to shoot, Faux News Running Man TV - against what, some draft dodging aging nut jobs trained on Call of Duty?  Sure, whatever. Like everyone else, I'll tune in to that one to see Darwinian end-game in action.

Reagan, Clinton, George W Bush., Obama, Romney, Rumsfeld, Cheney, ALL Neocons - zero military experience among them, other than Bush who was awol in the Air National Guard during Vietnam. Let's stop pretending that these empty shirts are the "commander in chief", more like the "draft dodger in chief". Three decades of military blunders to their combined credit. Colin Powell's strict "exit strategy" doctrine was assiduously ignored by his own party. After Vietnam, for about five short years (aka. Jimmy Carter), the appetite for war was diminished, however, the controls of the most powerful military force in human history were too irresistible to resist. Nevertheless, this was always merely a war of economic attrition and in that war, the greatest enemy lies within - via the Military Industrial Complex and its government installed revolving door cronies. The Neocons learned absolutely nothing from the collapse of the Soviet Union. Epic hubris made them believe that the collapse was due to the superiority of Pax American doctrine. So they set out to follow the exact same path of Soviet strategic overreach, leading to eventual bankruptcy. History 101, for frat boys who slept through that class. 

This escalating stand-off in Ukraine was largely seeded by the relentless expansion of NATO under the Bush Administration. The NeoCons saw an opportunity for a land grab and they pursued it without thinking about the long-term implications. For the Ukraine to join NATO would be like Canada joining the Warsaw Pact. There is no way in a million years, the U.S. would ever have let that happen. As always in history, who is deemed "right or wrong" is purely a function of who won the last war.

Rome Was Destroyed From Within
The bottom line in this diatribe, is that the Taliban can't do anything to the U.S. that the Ted Nugent mindset isn't doing for them. The lethal combination of junk food and junk culture has rendered the hilly billy set on the verge of extinction. Nugent et. al. honestly believe that this is all about gay rights and immigration, all while their children's future is being sold out from under them. When a population gets dumbed down to the point where it is no longer capable of recognizing its own long-term survival interests, then it's rife for exploitation and self-destruction. The Republican-led supply side agenda (propagated by Democrats as well), has systematically hollowed out the lower middle class who are still at this late juncture overwhelmingly in favor of the right wing agenda. Without South Park educated hill billies to cast votes against their own economic interests, the puppet masters who control the country would have no grassroots power at the voting booth. Anytime, I hear anyone in the U.S. talk about "socialism", I just have to laugh now, because that level of brainwashing can't be de-programmed. This is all truly just a conspiracy of dunces.

Getting back to the point, this hill billy fantasy of overthrowing the U.N. controlled "Commies" in Washington reveals the full extent of their delusion. Uncle Sam is bought and paid for by the wealthiest human beings in the history of this planet. They can't be beaten via conventional ground warfare given that they own the Military Industrial Complex. The only way to "beat them" is to let them self-implode under the weight of their own uncontrolled greed. Foolishly they reinvested their massive wealth back into the global ponzi scheme and specifically in unsecured financial assets. Ending their hegemony will have to come solely as an act of true political economic democracy. That will require enough semi-lucid people to finally realize that they've been lied to for decades and therefore need to start voting in their own best interests.

Reverse Shock Doctrine
This impending financial meltdown and ensuing anarchy will have to be calamitous enough to scare the bejesus out of the elites and force major change. Basically Shock Doctrine, but in reverse. Because given enough time - as we learned in 2008 - they will find a way to invent a new ponzi scheme, solely to their benefit. These are some hardcore sociopaths at the top of this global pyramid scheme, who make Bernie Madoff look like a rank amateur.

Ayn Rand Was a Fiction Writer
Lastly, the chain is only as strong as the weakest link, so the "everyone for themselves" strategy merely works great until it fails catastrophically. It all ends with barbed wire and high fences for the tiny minority.

It's a Third World strategy.