Friday, November 1, 2013

The Shootings Will Continue, Until Morale Improves

Only a fool speaks of uncertain things with certainty. 
The even greater fool speaks of certain things with uncertainty - 
Plausible deniability is the opiate of the masses. 

The #1 Rule of Survival: Don't Drink the Kool-Aid
The multi-decade experiment in the "Fuck you jack, I'm Ok" society, is ending amid ever-increasing gunfire, as the world watches in morbid fascination from a safe distance - amazed that it lasted this long. Meanwhile, the Kardashian-watching Idiocracy and the infotainment media still haven't made the connection between the Dow-induced sugar high now wearing off, and the ever-increasing number of shootouts. Only a Dow collapse will bring about the final point of recognition and its lethal attendant Prozac deficiency. In the meantime, the masses at large are not drinking the Kool-Aid, they are guzzling it from a fire hose.

A Million Bernie Madoffs Running Amok
Treating human beings like disposable labour widgets was always doomed to end in anarchy. Only the frat boys who created and benefited from this clusterfuck haven't yet woken up to the reality of where this is already heading. Unfortunately the Econ text books don't explain that there are certain "externalities" that arise when corporate profits are pursued to their maximum extent possible, at the expense of all other aspects of societal well-being. That's a lesson the econo-dunces will learn on the other side of watching their 401k balances turn to dust and blow away. Just today, the government in its infinite wisdom decided to reduce foodstamp benefits despite the fact that there is no sign of an improving economy or jobs market. Apparently, vulture capitalists paying 14% taxes on onshore millions (and 0% offshore), super-carriers circling the globe monitoring military blunders, subsidies for agribusiness and oil companies, are all more important than feeding children. Meanwhile, these anti-riot breadcrumbs (aka. foodstamps) are being cut at a point in time when the U.S. has never been wealthier as a nation. And never before has the wealth been as disproportionately allocated as it is now. This society has been hijacked by a million sociopathic Bernie Madoffs running amok, oblivious to the carnage they're leaving in their wake and equally oblivious to the hollow house of cards they've created. Apparently the game show hosts in leadership don't understand the lengths a parent will go to in order to feed their children. As in, whatever it takes. When that point of impending recognition arrives, the Ayn Randists will be silenced for historical posterity; they and their self-destructing ideas will be outright pariahs, not just in this country, but also in those nations that actually treat working people with a sense of well deserved dignity. In the meantime, the ongoing clusterfuck that is Obamacare continues to circle the defunding drain while those who already have medical coverage stab it with their steely knives, chanting "we" already have medical insurance, so "they" don't need it. Everyone who has employer funded medical coverage today and assumes they will have it in the indefinite future, needs to seriously revisit their own half-assed assumptions. In an economy still shedding real jobs and replacing them with temporary McJobs, it behooves those not already on Medicare (i.e. under age 65) to ask themselves if they won't be needing Obamacare in the not too distant future. Long before the dust settles on the new reality, the frat-boy dunces who laid everyone else off, will be turning the pink slips on themselves.

Rage Against the Machine
The greed-addled sociopaths have done everything possible to annihilate the middle class. First they took a massive taxpayer funded bailout, then they cut the jobs, then they added trillions in federal debt that fell straight to the corporate bottom line, now they are cutting off food stamps, next they will defund medical coverage. There is nothing else they can do to incite anarchy. The gun battles are already beginning and yet the Dow is still at an all time high. It's time to batten down the hatches because when we reach the point of full recognition, this doomed experiment will melt down for good, at which point today's oblivious elites will be reminded of the age old proverb - what comes around, goes around. 

Soon even the NRA will want gun control.

Oh well, too late.