Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Belief in the Impossible: Comfort-Seeking for Old Men

In the movie Prometheus, a highly evolved species, having originally created humanity, was planning to return to earth to destroy all humans. Apparently humanity's hundred thousand+ year killing spree, having wiped out almost every other species, and destroying the planet, and killing its own kind at an ever-escalating rate, had convinced the higher species to correct its own mistake. Good idea.

The 100,000 Year War
Humans have been at war continuously since the dawn of mankind. Each iteration of warfare having evolved ever-more lethal weaponry. At the time, World War I was called "The Great War". It was deemed to be "The war to end all wars". The war set numerous records for battle casualty rates. The Battle of the Somme, one of the most intense and bloodiest, lasted five months and incurred 300,000 total military deaths - about six times the number of U.S. deaths incurred over ten years in Vietnam. Of course, the 'Great War' had to be renamed a mere 20 years later when World War II came along setting even higher thresholds for the number of civilian and military casualties, with a total death toll estimated in the 55 to 60 million range. Growing up during the Cold War, we knew that World War III would be the last war. Mankind had finally amassed enough firepower to destroy the entire planet several hundred times over. An Intercontinental Ballistic Missile  carrying multiple warheads, launched from the U.S. or Russia would take approximately 30 minutes to reach its targets in the other country. A single nuclear submarine sitting off an enemy coastline, can destroy dozens of cities with only a few minutes notice.

The Human Race Is A Latent Clusterfuck
Those who grew up in the last 23 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall could ostensibly pretend that the Cold War had ended and with it the threat of nuclear annihilation. Of course, the overall capability still remains. We live on the only inhabitable planet in our known solar system and galaxy, and we are surrounded by the craziest species god ever created - our own. As such, no surprise, the human race, has an insatiable desire for the belief in the impossible. Pulp fiction. Since the dawn of mankind, religion and religious-like belief systems have delivered us from reality. Human beings detest reality like they detest nature. Both are implicitly viewed as too arbitrary and unforgiving. Humans have been seeking to bend the laws of nature and reality from the very first second of inception. Glittering air conditioned shopping malls and high rises being perhaps the most visible manifestation of man's defiance of nature.

Messianic Laziness
Being someone who fully believes, or more rightly feels, the significance of our current era and the sea change in "behaviours" that it implies with respect to our future state of living, nevertheless, I can't help but acknowledge the fatalistic corruption inherent to the messianic mindset. If God wants the world to end anyway, then what can we do about it? It's precisely this lazy, corrupt, self-centered mentality that brought us to the constant brink of annihilation in the first place. God gave us the gift of this planet and indeed life itself and ever since then the ingrates of humanity turned it over and over again looking for the prize in the fucking cracker jack box. Worse yet, god itself had to be objectified so that the blind self-absorbed worship of false objects would be more important than the acceptance, appreciation, and governance of reality itself. Somehow incomprehensible texts written 3,500 years ago by voodoo shaman who thought the earth was flat and the penis was improperly formed, are deemed every bit as relevant to this day. That is full testament to the power of mankind's desire to escape reality and otherwise pass down the belief in the impossible from one generation to the next through systematic brainwashing.

Fuck Agribusiness and Everyone That Looks Like Them
Whether mankind eventually pushes the button and ends this lurching clusterfuck once and for all - like an old man who finds barely enough mojo to put his .45 in his mouth and dodge cancer - is anyone's guess. In the meantime, we get to endure soul crushing stories of how our fellow citizens continue to pollute our planet and children with their latest toxic waste corporate product. I just read a long article on the disappearance of the honey bees and the colony collapse disorder. Scientists believe it's occurring either due to new and more powerful forms of pesticides that are now being baked into every food substance known to man, or it's due to the crop monocultures - aka. corn and soybeans that define modern-day agribusiness. From the corn field to the box of food-like substance on the grocery store shelf, this society is now polluting its own children with diabesity and chemicals, at a catastrophic rate. What the fuck can you say about any society that is willing to treat its own children like toxic waste guinea pigs? Meanwhile, ironically the very real drop in testosterone occurring across the male population of many species, not just mankind, is the other unsolved mystery. Suffice to say, time is running out on solving that riddle - as the preponderance of Justin Bieber-like man boys constantly reminds us.

Now we have these mega-forest fires to contend with - just the latest manifestation of humankind's climate denialism. As I've said before, it's only a question of how many mega-tornadoes, mega-hurricanes, mega-floods, mega-fires we have to incur, before we get the Idiocracy on board with the program. Only about several decades too late. And of course, even as I write, the U.S. military industrial complex is planning another test of its arsenal in Syria to demonstrate its continued support for terrorist-subsidizing oil producers.

Until mankind gives up its comfort-seeking obsession with the belief in the impossible, and decides to face reality in all of its ugly and beautiful forms, then the beatings will continue, until morale improves.