Monday, December 2, 2019

Black Monday

Today is Cyborg Monday, the day when online retailers go into the black for the year and the mindless Borg goes deep into the red for the year, celebrating the annual rite of material acquisition...

Last Friday I showed the NYSE Hindenburg Omens, here we see the Nasdaq H.O. six day moving average. Highest since last October:

Cramer has the over-subscribed denialist point-of-view well covered. Doing his part to make sure no one sees this coming: 

"Manufacturing activity in the U.S. continued to contract last month"

“If you’re looking for a reason to sell, the ISM number certainly gave it to you”

"What about simulated prosperity?"

No surprise, the Alibaba IPO marked peak pump and dump:

Momentum Tech imploding

REITs deja vu of VixPlosion 1.0

Transports deja vu

Remember last week when I said that Latin American currencies are imploding?

Trump apparently has also noticed and therefore decided to accelerate implosion: 

You will be hearing more about this situation on the lamestream news very shortly:

Outside of the Tech mega bubble, this has been a bear market for a year now:

Look out below