Saturday, November 30, 2019

Stolen Money: The Secret To Effortless Wealth

Those who believe this is all just "corruption as usual", are about to learn a lesson in morality they can't afford...

95% of the morally challenged approve of this con job, thank you very much:

Three rate cuts, $300 billion in Fed-printed money, and $1 trillion in inter-generational (deficit) theft later and the year of free money is reaching for the best gain since the Asian financial crisis, 1997. The $200 trillion question - does Santa reward fraud, corruption, and rapacious criminality in Trump Casinos?

Historically, no - they all failed for the exact same reason: Too much borrowed money chasing too much bullshit. This one will be no exception.

The chasmic Federal deficit is hiding recession.


No surprise, China is now hardening their trade stance in response to Trump signing the Hong Kong support bill. Of course, many observers assumed there would be "no backlash" from this gambit. Apparently not willing to wait until the weekend to discover otherwise.


"Trump’s signing of the Hong Kong bills presented by Congress did not help foster the first stage of a deal"

This week's entire rally was predicated upon this fake news from Faux News:

Crude oil is at key support

"Oil prices tanked early on Black Friday on rumors that OPEC’s leading members aren’t willing to deepen output cuts."

Bloomberg estimates that Russia hasn’t fully complied with the deal for 8 months in a row."

The real reason OPEC can't agree to cut production:

"Energy independence"

Ponzi reflation is rolling over

"The forward price-to-earnings ratio for the S&P 500, the most common indicator for market valuation that measures current share price relative to per-share earnings estimates for the next 12 months, has climbed to levels last seen around December’s monster sell-off."

This was the best start to a year since 1987:

January 18th, 2019:

There have been three major tax cuts for the rich in the past three decades, each paid for with borrowed money aka. inter-generational theft. 

I predict this one will be the one that teaches the final lesson that crime does not pay.