Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Corporate Disney World Has Never Been Better


All of today's major religions embed the same obligatory delusion - the fabricated primacy of mankind. Nature worshipping pagans had more commonsense than today's denialistic Idiocracy. Corporations are now doing what natural selection couldn't accomplish - down-sizing the human race with brutal efficiency. 

Technology now controls our lives. Mass media derived artificial intelligence directs the masses. The obedient Borg questions nothing. Competitive assimilation is the sole aspiration. Lies are transmitted via unquestioned assumptions. Small talk has replaced thinking. Questioning assumptions is verboten. Token gestures have replaced genuine kindness. Social media photo ops have replaced happiness. Self interest has supplanted altruism as the new moral imperative. Spent drones seek external gratification at the expense of internal gratitude. The imperative of "more" is always unmet. Competitive self-interest prevents questioning a system based upon competitive self-interest. The "system" demands 100% investment in perpetual delusion.

Opportunistic con men run amok. The lonely crowd is alone and lost, void of human connection. Lonely men turn to sex robots to fill the void, finding solace in dead plastic. Physical and mental health are collapsing from overdose on junk food and junk culture - The South Park diet. Mass shootings a regular occurrence, met with a shrug. Kids going to school with bulletproof backpacks. 

The Zen antidote is non-existent. Incompatible with programmed corporate values. Corporations have systematically fattened the masses and strip mined their healthcare for fun and profit, while making synthetic opioids freely available to the Soylent masses. To end the pain. The man-made world is a toxic wasteland. The God-made world is in the landfill. The holy men are attending MAGA rallies with the Ku Klux Klan. Jim Jones was a man before his time. 

Drink the Kool-Aid at your own risk. And remember that in a transactional society no one is owed anything more than a fake smile at the point of sale. Caveat emptor.