Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The Brick Wall Of "More"

A blog such as this one, preaching the virtues of conservation, could never attain anything beyond a token audience. Everything about the corporate way of life is ordered around the unnatural state of "more". All underwritten by an abiding sense of entitlement. People need to aspire to something. For today's consumption zombies, running into the same wall over and over again, is that goal...

The "unsustainability" argument has absolutely no meaning in this corporate conformed society. Surely there's a way around that. Conservation is anathema to corporate values - there must be more in every direction - more people, more consumption, more profit. Without more profit, stock prices go down, not up. Therefore, the consideration that this has all the signs of ending, is not up for consideration. The corporate media ensure that there is always someone on hand to tell us why this is all just business as usual.

The fact that the brick wall of "more" has a habit of appearing out of nowhere, more and more often in the past two decades, has not captured the attention of the masses. This entire fantasy way of life is sponsored by the abiding sense of entitlement. Past generations had the Full Monty, why can't we?

The failure of Globalization to create a global middle class, self-evident post-2008, is not a factor to consider either. Instead of viewing "those" people as aspirational consumers, we can now view them as commodified factory slaves. Better yet, we can blame them for taking away all the jobs, use them for political expediency. Never mind that the Chamber of Commerce was behind the outsourcing scheme all the while. Immigration and outsourcing were always lines of business - the lowering of costs to amplify profit. The fun and easy way. Those who actually believe that immigration is a real political issue and that the controlling right is anti-immigration are just along for the con job. The ones who got used. Trump's hotels wouldn't last a minute without foreign labor. His base are such useful idiots - blaming the poorest people on the planet for creating all of the problems, while the rich rob them blind. Over and over again, like an ATM machine. 

All manner of theories abound out there about this turning point in history. Most see this as merely a cyclical speedbump in the grander scheme of things. The idea that THIS generation was chosen for a paradigm shift in consumption lifestyle is not one that gets a lot of attention. Mostly, because it would mean that the past was an abject failure, and therefore the people who got us this far had failed as well. Imagine the day the sheeple fully realize they have no leaders. Just serial failed frat boys.

Worse yet, for consumption zombies, it would mean a paradigm shift in "values".

From valuing dead things, to valuing living things.