Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Make Implosion Great Again

The solution for denial happens to be denial. Go figure. To be sure, incessant cheer-leading by human history's biggest bullshit artist doesn't hurt. Trump could only be born in the U.S., because any other country would be saying "who the fuck is this idiot?". Now that I think of it, saying that is what got his cabinet fired. Fortunately, Trump's Evangelical base are able to look past his narcissistic personality disorder to see his "good side"...

The SUPER-CYCLE grand finale is reaching its climax. What we are witnessing in real-time is a blow-off top in overvalued, overowned Tech while everything else implodes in real-time. A culmination of risks from the past two decades. The Japanified Idiocracy is looking forward to getting monkey hammered again, because it's been so long and they haven't missed an opportunity yet.

I highly doubt their beloved money printers can save them from the margin clerks this time, across all risk asset classes at the exact same time. Most of the selling will be done by the time the FOMC gets a meeting scheduled. This will fix DeNiAl at the source...

The Lord of the Flies trilogy is ending with the final installment: One Clown To Rule Them All...

U.S. stocks divided by U.S. Federal debt:

Deja Vu


"End of cycle"