Friday, June 22, 2018

The Haves And The Have Been Conned Again

Trump is going to fix wealth inequality, just not in the way that his supporters expect...

Trump supporters still haven't figured out that he's a con man, and always has been. After all, who would warn them? There isn't one in their midst with the integrity to stand up to grand theft larceny on an historically epic scale. They're too busy making excuses for child abduction. Therefore, that lesson is yet to come, and the price will be entirely unaffordable. Physically, mentally, financially...

The fall of GE evidences the totality of the smoke and mirrors "economy", now at level '11' full Disneyland under Trump

"Some companies are built for a quick buck. Others are created for the ages, such as they are in the fast time warp that is American capitalism.

Among the latter is General Electric, formed in 1889 and based on the many breakthroughs of Thomas Edison."

GE once embodied American know-how, industrial might and the rising, secure middle class."

Then came Jack Welch.

He was the most skillful operator in a new style of American capitalism, where institutional investors and a demand for ever-higher stock prices ruled an impatient Wall Street. Mergers, industry consolidation and layoffs pleased the markets."

it takes a special blend of greed, hubris, incompetence and bad luck to make this mess, whether you’re GE or the U.S."

The test will now commence...