Saturday, June 23, 2018

One Clown To Rule Them All

The problem, in a nutshell, is that America's vassal states in Europe and North America, did nothing to rein in America's last clown, George W. Bush. Preferring to blame the world's problems on other countries instead. Which, inevitably led to a far bigger clown now, and what for the mandarins in Ottawa and Brussels is turning out to be a darn fine lesson in the downsides of relative morality. Likewise, Bush did his best to bury his Republican base beneath the rubble of 2008, and yet somehow they came crawling back out. So it's up to Trump to finish them off, and hey, what a great job he's doing so far. Republicanism is a virus, killing its host. What we are witnessing in real-time, are the profoundly sordid and pathetic last days of the American Empire...

Wars can end suddenly and decisively, or they can drag on seemingly forever through attrition. This post-2008 era has been a war of attrition - mental, physical, and economic. Perma-bulls who claim that their beloved "great deformation" is proof that us perma-bears are wrong, are ignoring the toll it has taken on the populace at large maintaining this delusion. Primarily a mental toll, but as we see through skyrocketing diabesity, a health toll as well. All of which manifests in terms of widely ignored mass shootings and fentanyl-assisted suicides. 

Nevertheless, even wars of attrition eventually reach their climax. Following two massive military blunders, a tax cut for the ultra-wealthy, a housing bubble, and recession, the incompetent reign of George W. Bush  ended in financial collapse. His final send-off bore all of the reminiscent humiliation of Nixon's last helicopter ride from the White House. In this post-bailout era, had Clinton been elected, this economic cycle would have very likely already ended in 2017. The Democrat economic agenda was not sufficiently "stimulative" to keep the gathering deflationary forces at bay much longer. The deflation trade was on in size ahead of the election, anticipating her victory. We all know what happened next of course, Herbert Hoover got elected with his business-friendly agenda consisting of de-regulated corruption, tax cuts for the ultra-wealthy, and trillion dollar deficits paid for by the rest of the world. Followed by Smoot-Hawley tariffs.

Shockingly, these "business-friendly" policies which entailed tariffs and higher interest rates for the rest of the world, ended the global synchronized expansion dead in its tracks.

Which comes as no surprise to the rest of the world. By the way, this is how to win a trade war sans copious bullshit. 

Debase the currency:

Speaking of currencies and global growth collapse...

Any questions?

Despite the fact that the Bush collapse disproportionately obliterated the Republican base, they soon started to blame their Kenyan president for all of their problems. They yearned for the days when rapacious Republican criminality would be restored to its previous grandeur. Nevertheless, in order to reinstate the exact same policies which had led to the prior collapse, but on a larger scale, a bigger clown would be needed. Enter the Trump Super Clown. A man whose depth of depravity knows no limits. And no matter how low he stoops his base is right there with him, cheering him on to the next level of self-debasement. No act of defilement is considered too vile to force them to break ranks. 

Illegally detaining men in cages was unfortunately old news, Bush had already been there done that. So Trump had to go bigger and bolder by now detaining babies in cages. His alt-Christian base loved it. Forget the fact that disastrously failed U.S. policies both in the Middle East and Central America are the root cause of these mass migrations. Facts mean nothing to the Trump Idiocracy. All of this chicanery of course follows in the long human history of nihilistic decadence preceding collapse.

Neverthelss, aghast Democrats need not entertain the fantasy that the Roman Senate will impeach Caligula. Knowing that he is the only thing standing between them and re-regulation of corruption - that can't happen. 

In other words, Trump's election spawned a late stage mega bubble in arrogant ignorance that will forever signify the last days of the American empire. Trump's latent efforts to rearrange Globalization to his own liking are a fool's errand on the highest order. After all, what the wise man does at the beginning, the fool does at the end. His cadre of deeply devoted clown followers are under the well-cultivated delusion that the U.S. is an island unto itself. And that Globalization is an unnecessary fiction dreamed up by the "Deep State". 

These are the last people on the planet to learn that on the other side of the shrinking global trade ledger, is...

das Dow kapital:

I can say with 1,000% certainty that from a mental, physical, and financial standpoint, Herbert Hoover's base won't survive what comes next. After all, they barely survived their last clown.

This is for the kill.

However, please bear in mind, none of this was my idea. After all, I warned last time too.