Tuesday, May 8, 2018

An Amazing Crash

The net effect of non-stop dementia-ridden denialism is that human history's biggest stop loss now lies directly below the casino. Skynet won't stand a chance. This will be financial history's biggest clusterfuck...

This about sums it up:

Go back to the all time highs in late January:

"There is an enormous amount of new retail money coming into the market," he said in an interview with "Closing Bell."

"It's been an amazing ride."

Hockey said the rise in interest is likely a byproduct of the excitement around the emerging cryptocurrency and cannabis markets"

Ameritrade has a proprietary index which shows how their clients are positioned:

April 2018
"The IMX moved lower for the fourth month in a row, ending the period down 8.24% at 4.79."

Gambler positions increased for two years straight, starting from early 2016, peaking in the same month as Bitcoin (December 2017):

Which explains why Skynet is having so much trouble gaining momentum

However, the IPO market is questionable at best:

But, there may be time to push one more over-priced IPO out the door, since what gamblers remain, are chasing pure shite

Think Go Daddy

Or Box. Box lost $150 million on $500 million in revenue, meaning they sell dollar bills for seventy cents:

This revenueless Biotech lost $335 million on $35 million in revenue. They sell dollar bills for ten cents. 

What I'm trying to say is that this Tech-driven delusion is running on smoke and mirrors

Fill last gap above. Check. 

Ignore rest of world.

The what?


As long as Go Daddy doesn't roll over, this will all be fine