Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Time For Keynesian Bombing Of Foreigners

One year ago this week Trump launched a tomahawk missile attack on Syria in response to a "chemical weapons attack" on civilians. Just like the one that was staged this week. Couldn't they at least change up the dates a bit? I would trust the CIA a bit more if I knew they weren't responsible for starting the civil war in the first place. Trump was even liked on CNN that day:

"Donald Trump just became president" - Fareed Zakaria 

The one thing that has been missing from this Roman Circus over the past year, was a good war. By this time in his presidency Bush had already launched one war and was inventing an excuse for his second one - the one that destabilized the Middle East, leading to the civil war in Syria. A fortuitous chain of events for the Military Industrial Complex.  Nevertheless, compliments of massive defense budget increases, and constant chest pounding, the defense company stocks have become ever-more overbought and over-owned. Just waiting for the bomber-in-chief to pull the trigger. 

War is the ultimate recession trade. When a president can no longer wring monetary concessions via the standard legal process, the only avenue left is executive order. 

Any questions?

Well now it appears, bulls finally got what they have been waiting for:

Nation-building by Lockheed Martin:

Kobane Syria after it was liberated by allied air strikes

And yes, it's priced in: