Sunday, April 8, 2018

Out Of Control

Prechter was right - social mood rules. Greed and self-destruct mode are now out of control. Worse yet for a society solely dependent upon artificial intelligence, Friday's selloff indicates that Skynet has also lost control. Meaning that the derivatives tail is no longer wagging the dog...

I understand why gamblers got conned in January, but now facing the third lower high? Clearly those who only read headlines and never check facts have fallen under the influence of the financial services crime syndicate...

On Friday of this week I said that the very unusual occurrence of a down Friday had led to an even bigger down Monday in February. However, I left out the most obvious example, the August 2015 smash crash: Friday August 21st (-65), and Monday August 24th (-90).

My hypothesis is that Skynet uses Friday opex as leverage to gun the market, which works the vast majority of the time. However, the rare times it fails, Skynet is left with a long imbalance which gets dumped pre-market on Sunday. We don't have to wait long to find out. 

Meanwhile, another reminder from that era in August 2015 was the stock I alluded to in the first link above. Bluebird Biotech. Because when that stock tanked, along with the rest of Biotech, that was the end of the risk on cycle.  

In other words, there is only one real reason why the sheeple got conned by a fraud as overtly obvious as this one:

This just in:

"Trump's efforts will be in vain. The Chinese government is highly able to mobilize resources and coordinate action to promote its strategy and protect domestic employment...The situation is different in the case of the US, however. US stocks saw deep losses in recent days amid jitters about Sino-US trade tensions." 

And this:

Rock, meet hard place.