Friday, September 1, 2017

The Price Of Denial Is Everything

Denial is a form of irresponsibility towards future generations. Fortunately it comes with its own solution compliments of serial psychopaths and all-knowing morons...

This is what happens when you buy things that don't have any intrinsic value, and there's no bigger fool to be conned:

We're becoming Japan, an aging society of self-medicated amnesiacs trapped in a seemingly never ending cycle of bubbles and bust. The lesson that wasn't learned in 2008 is that a real economy is based upon supply and demand, not supply and debt. There needs to be a sufficient wage base to buffer poverty and insolvency. Over the ensuing eight years, labour has gone even further under the bus, compliments of bailouts and money printing, the Idiocracy's proprietary secret to effortless wealth.

So it's entirely apropos of this pathetic era ahead of Labour day weekend no less, that stocks closed higher today on the news of weaker than expected jobs and wages, since that means the Fed is on hold with rate hikes:

We'll find out in the coming days how bullish wage deflation is when the hot money flows back to Japan deja vu of 2008:

After their best monthly gains in over a year, Treasury traders locked in profits on the first day of the new month. That's all.

Now, to complete the lesson, it's capital's turn to go under the bus. What we face now is 2015 x 2011 x 2008 x Y2K. But don't take my word for it, for that we turn to the IQ test for stoned zombies...

Money flow is circa 2015, breadth is circa 2016:

Here's another view of 2015's imagined reality:

Perfect symmetry

2011 was a confluence of Debt ceiling, EM stock blowoff, Fed balance sheet runoff, mass complacency, and deflation:

No amnesiac has seen this movie before:

2008 of course was all about banks getting into trouble because they lent out 1% money for two years straight. This time, they fixed that problem by lending out 0% money for 8 years straight: 

Second largest U.S. bank:

And of course we now have Y2K deja vu

Because ALL it takes to con sheeple into believing anything, is time.