Monday, September 4, 2017

The Grapes Of Wrath 2017

Generation Madoff was so successful, they conned themselves. Trump is the golden calf, proof that hairless monkeys will worship anything except the truth...

Globalization is modern day slavery with the imprimatur of the World Bank and all other major economic institutions. What comes next will unwind the globalized ponzi model, but most importantly, the sociopaths who promoted it. In the end they successfully conned everyone, including themselves. This will prove once and for all that the morons at Ivy Leagues and the morons from Ivy Leagues, are groupthink dunces. Their mega-clown-in-chief merely the insult to injury. A swaggering reminder of the asinine hubris that dropped us off in the middle of nowhere...

"Good job everyone"

After the 2008 free money bailout, our trusted thought dealers took debt accumulation and money printing to level '11', to avoid admitting that they were clueless in the first instance. Aside from the fake wealth effect, their foremost goal was to maintain their historical hold on power by any means possible. Meaning that more than anything this era is defined by a frantic desperation to keep power in the hands of those who've already proven that they're wholly corrupt and incompetent.

Bernanke explaining printing money to buy stocks:

Here we see via  aggregate corporate revenue, that the method they employed was to continue to squeeze the middle class into extinction. Financial alchemy, with the inevitable result of final imploding corporate revenues.

After all, you can't get blood from a stone. In addition, as we see, at the margin, oil is a key contributor to corporate revenues:

Unfortunately, this is a "DNA" level problem. Meaning that the only way anything gets better is when Degeneration Madoff yields their death grip on power to a younger generation. Unlike the land of the setting sun which has been experimenting with bubble and bust money printing for decades now, the entire world can't inflate assets indefinitely in the face of collapsing demand. As always, the people who are NOT invited to the bubble party are the weak link in the fake wealth daisy chain. But they are invisible, so they don't matter.

Until they do...