Friday, August 11, 2017

The Edge Of Panic aka. "Weekend Risk"

Despite the ever-escalating "red line" between the U.S. and North Korea, gambler complacency remains extreme, amid volatility compression unwind and growth stock annihilation...

"North Korea will not bend to our will, hence they must be bombed into submission"

But first, buying of this latest dip is courtesy of the collapse in inflation and hence imploding probability of further rate hikes. Which of course is not good news at all. Recall, earlier this week "bond guru" Jeff Gundlach saying that yields were going to soar:

The Yen carry trade will render final verdict on the efficacy of cancelling rate hikes...

The volatility vortex is most evident in small caps:

And technology

On the S&P 500, second derivative volatility is surging as a precursor to market volatility:

Banks are through the 50 day


Inverse vol