Friday, August 11, 2017

The Clown To End All Clowns

Circus Clownius is now developing invasion plans for every country on the planet "just in case" they dare defy his imperial Twitter decrees...

The problem with being an ignorant dunce, is that no one tells you when to stop. It took eight years, but the Idiocracy finally went ALL IN FULL RETARD...

"What other wayward nation can we invade?"

Does Trump need assistance from China on North Korea? If so the best thing to do is poke them in the eye with a stick repeatedly:

Trump has good company with the Fed, Wall Street, and OPEC. All corrupt mega dunces.

Global central banks, are all as dumb as a fucking post...

Another Wall Street pump and dump is over. 

An entire year of IPO gains wiped out in two weeks:

Largest IPO since 2014

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