Friday, August 4, 2017

Jedi Mind Trick From A Weak-Minded Fool

Only a continual stream of bullshit keeps this party going, and for that we have the exact right leader...

The casino is enjoying a dead cat bounce compliments of slow wage growth. But don't take my word for it:

In order to dispel this eight year "mystery", recall (below) this is real corporate revenues versus nominal corporate profits through March:
(S&P 500 index earnings workbook: ~quarterly data worksheet, sales per share * divisor):

But first, here's a Jedi Mind Trick from a weak-minded fool to help explain the mystery behind low wages:

Squeeze wages to bolster profits and then act shocked when it all collapses aka. Supply-Side-Dumbfuck-o-Nomics:

Meanwhile speaking of jobs, here are two of the largest temporary employment/placement companies in the U.S.:



That covers Trumptopia and the continual stream of bullshit required to keep this party going. This week, Trump's own party effectively shut him down by protecting Mueller and otherwise ignoring Twitter directives. Also, with General Kelly as chief of staff, things could get boring on the Twitter nuclear launch platform.

That leaves:

Tax Cut Plosion/Stock/Bond rotation
SmallCapPlosion/Breadth new highs collapse
Amazonification of everything
Global Fake Reflation/EM blowoff
Europe/Japan rollover
Speculative blowoff

Here is something new that sums up complacency, speculation, oil, bonds, small caps, cyclicals:

Recall this thing called the "Financial Stress Indicator" from the Fed. The way it works is that "stress" keeps declining until everything implodes without warning. Which essentially explains the Fed in a nutshell. This index just hit a new all time low yesterday, at -1.607. This means there's negative risk, due to the amount of cash hiding in junk bonds which recapitalized fracking companies which are now imploding:

Ferris Bueller's stress-free vacation from reality