Saturday, July 15, 2017

Ego Refraction: Linear Extrapolation of Insanity

The hairless monkey has proven time and time again over thousands of years that its only natural enemy is itself, both at the societal and individual level. Yet again, the tribe has dedicated itself to worshipping sociopaths in a pathetic bid for maintenance of the self-destructing status quo. 

Legally prescribed opioids are the most dangerous drugs on the planet, prescribed in massive quantities to a stoned Idiocracy desperate to escape reality. Add in junk food and junk culture and it's a toxic stew of Faux News and denialistic Soylent unreality.

There's no happy ending for those who haven't yet confronted the fact that their own false idols are the only enemy. Reality was never good enough for them. 

This time the corporate Matrix is running out of battery power. And geriatric thought dealers are running out of time.