Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Trump Dump

Outside of the casino muppet show, the commodity collapse, and the economic FedPlosion, no surprise, the fake reflation trade got annihilated this past week. Soon even stoned zombies won't be able to ignore the massacre...

Deutsche Bank (DB) downgraded the heavy equipment maker to hold from buy...Analyst Nicole DeBlase wrote in a research note on Friday that a reason for the downgrade was because of questions surrounding President Donald Trump’s ability to get a $1 trillion infrastructure bill passed.

Deja vu of 2015, the fake reflation trade is coming off at an accelerating pace even as tech stocks struggle to make a new high...

Goldman Sachs insiders dumped a long time ago, when they took over the U.S. Treasury

Cashing out their tax free gains and getting into late-cycle position to organize the next Wall Street bailout



Banks, energy forecast to contribute half of overall growth
Their prospects are now being overshadowed by yields and oil

This past week:

Fundstrat's Tom Lee slashed his earnings estimates for the market, but remained bullish on FANG stocks due to their strong growth rates.

This rally is now running on Netflix

The Fed and their EconoDunce acolytes are confident the latest interest rate increase will generate inflation...

I mean, why wouldn't it?