Sunday, June 4, 2017

Tequila And Cheeseburgers On The Linoleum

Sometimes in the fading zeitgeist of this sad and pathetic era it's easy to forget just how far this old age home has already fallen...

What Donald Trump epitomizes more than anything else, is the complete and wholesale abandonment of personal responsibility.

He is the unabashed ALL IN hero of generation jackass.

"I need more covfefe !!!"

"The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant," - Sean Spicer

That is EXACTLY what the entire world is afraid of...

Every single one of Trump's platform promises - far beyond this week's Paris Treaty withdrawal - comes at the expense of future generations:

His Obamacare rollback, disproportionately affects the young and working poor, to the tune of 23 million losing healthcare. 

His planned tax cut for the ultra-wealthy, which is predicated upon "Bernie Madoff" math - is Supply Side Ponzinomics taken to level 11. Reaganomics deja vu, whereby growth "pays for" tax cuts merely by tripling the U.S. debt over the course of a decade.

His military build-up and six or seven wars he has already planned, all come at the expense of young people. After all, the draft-dodger-in-chief and his war mongering acolytes are not going to war. We know that much.

And of course his zealous embracing of Wall Street - installing Goldman Sachs back at Treasury, rolling back Dodd-Frank, putting Wilbur Ross head of Commerce, Carl Icahn economic advisor, that is all intended to come at the expense of the next generation as well.

However, as we know, my bet is that this last point gets shoved down the throats of generation-jackass so far they never come back from it.

But we will see what happens.

The Icahn Fund: