Monday, May 15, 2017

"Buy The Fucking Lie"

Every gimmick known to man and machine was used to close the S&P over 2,400. It only took 2.5 months of non-stop bullshit ...

"Buy the fucking lie"

First close above 2400:

Oil is rallying on the "news" that the OPEC/Russian output deal will be extended until 2018. In other words, the oil rally is just the latest reason to buy tech stocks which are making new highs. Energy stocks, not so much...

Why? Because Energy gamblers are not true believers in the OPEC deal:

The important thing is that Nvidia is at a new all time high...

And Activision


Got backtest?

Oil at today's close

Got deflation?

Commercial and industrial lending, considered an economic bellwether, usually pops this time of year as companies prepare for the construction season again. Instead, 2017 began with just a 0.9 percent rise in C&I transactions, a gain that couldn't offset the normal seasonal drop in credit card loans. In addition, the lending picture was hampered by an unusual decline in auto loans, which fell for the first time since banks started reporting on them in 2011.

Got hot money?

A year and a half of global risk. Ignored