Monday, May 15, 2017

Y2K DEJA VU: The Last Pump And Dump

It's all Internet stocks, semiconductors, and video game companies, but one notable former horseman of Y2K, was also out front today...

As I was saying, the internet stocks are leading:

Aside from the well-known mega-cap "FAANG" stocks, a few other notable internet stocks:




I showed Nvidia earlier, go with Applied Materials

Video games
I showed Activision, so here is EA games:

"But, but, but, valuations are much more reasonable this time around..."

When Snapchat is leading the rally, don't expect it to last too much longer...

And don't forget the S&P prior peaked on the day of the IPO:


After all, what good is a tech rally if you can't pump and dump more shit onto the public market?