Monday, May 8, 2017

Priced For Roadkill

I'm glad that the Russians didn't rig the French election, because who would represent Wall Street?

Now that Wally Buffett tripled his Apple position, this can all implode with extreme irony, considering his extensive knowledge of furniture and chuck wagons...

Repeat after me: "no one saw this coming"...

After Tech, this is where gamblers will attempt to rotate to next, but it won't work...

Consumer staples w/% bullish

Small Caps had a nice headfake overthrow

This is what is left of the Trumpflation high beta trade:

Deflation is #winning

Retail sayonara

Oil: suspended implosion...

Gold better get busy living or get busy dying...

Average stock


One cycle degree larger than 2008, in the casino...

"Ha ha, fooled ya again..."

Wynn Resorts:

Bitcoin keeps rolling


Which leaves Apple, I mean Tech: