Sunday, May 21, 2017

In Douche Bags We Trust

Only an overwhelming denialistic obsession with self-interest keeps the Idiocracy from seeing what's coming. Because it's always someone else who is getting fucked over to make the quarter...

"Beware of black swan events"

"Treasury by Goldman Sachs is fixing wealth inequality. Just like last time"

"I knew it"

At this latest juncture, the alt-right aka. alt-reality reactionary forces of the status quo are in total denial about the con artist they've put in charge of their "recovery". Unfortunately, instead of a recovery he has engineered a mega collapse, delayed just long enough to allow serial conned dunces to throw all of their money away. Small difference.

Meanwhile, the Democrats, progressive party of fake change, are pursuing Trump's downfall with a zeal that would make the rabid right envious. Unfortunately, these people haven't thought through all the way the implications for the fading empire when they arrive at the inevitable conclusion that the U.S. has an illegally elected Manchurian Candidate for a leader. Ironically, the U.S. took full credit for bringing down the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Payback is a bitch. Doesn't everyone know that only Uncle Sam is allowed to interfere in other nations' elections?

On Monday of this past week, U.S. stocks celebrated a giddy new all time high by ignoring all things Trump. Two days later, they had their biggest down day in eight months due to worries over Trump. Meaning that Social Mood is rolling over at the all time highs.

The fake narratives that pushed casino valuations all the way up will now melt like a snowball in the sun on the way down.

"When the economy collapses, there's only one stock you need to own"

"I know, it's 'Death By Amazon', but you have to have a PhD in Economics to understand it"

"Don't worry about the $1/pound coffee growers get, just think about those $5 lattes..."

"It's the President's job to convince the roadkill that Free Trade and free bailouts are worth it..."

For me. Fuck everyone else...

"We decided that instead of Trump reflation we're going to have Trump impeachment. Take a raincheck?"