Friday, May 26, 2017

Global Moron Bubble aka. "Globalization"

What it all comes down to is that no one wanted to leave the Ponzi party early, because then they might look stupid to every other moron. When it comes to being a dunce, there's strength in numbers...

What we witnessed this week was a blow-off top in global Social Mood.

Any questions?

Bitcoin (Bitstamp, $USD), weekly:

We know that nuclear war with North Korea is likely not "bullish", but that hasn't stopped South Korea's stock market from going vertical...

We know that Brexit is likely not bullish for the UK economy and financial sector, yet that hasn't stopped the London FTSE from going vertical:

Macron is the saviour of France and Europe? Or a Hollande clone?

Trump: I'm in Europe, so what can I say about Germany to rile up my base of Twitter dunces. I know...

Germany is selling too many fancy cars. We need to make everyone buy a Pontiac, the likes of which I wouldn't be caught dead in

China's imploding anew, so Hong Kong stocks are going the other direction...

And not to leave out India:

"Just buy all of it..."