Monday, April 24, 2017

Living Large In The "Never-Ending Bubble" Of Bullshit

We are surrounded by frauds and liars, who are led by even bigger frauds and liars, who will do "whatever it takes" to make sure someone else is going under the bus...

Below is how I rate their efforts. But first, with respect to the "never-ending bubble" fantasy, here is the Russell 2000 Small cap index

aka. "Short-covering"

Nit-Twitter-in-Chief: thumbs down

Westmoreland Coal aka. "reflation"

Treasury by Goldman Sachs: thumbs down, all over again...

OPEC: thumbs down

Energy stocks (red) with U.S. crude:

Fed: thumbs down

China: thumbs down

All Commodities (red) with Oil (grey):

Currency-Crisis-O-Nomics: thumbs down


ECB by Goldman Sachs: thumbs down

Today's biggest gainers were European banks, under the assumption they will now get bailed out by France's presumptive croupier-in-chief 

Deutsche Lehman with German yields (gray):

Hiding in Facebook again: thumbs down

Equal weight / cap weight ratio: