Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Collapse Is The New "Growth Opportunity"

Today's Peter Pan boy toys have mistaken entropy for economic "disruption", their latest MBA buzzword...

"30 years later, the Time Magazine cover for the best CEO of the year very likely will be a robot"

"Team, we've had an excellent quarter. Thank you for your efforts terminating the remaining humans. Master Control Program, please put my picture on Time Magazine"

Jack Ma, founder of Alibabylon, China's Amazon.com, warns that in the future robots will take over everything. He foresees decades of economic pain all financed with 0% ponzi loans and mass layoffs.

Whereas I foresee economic collapse in which the maximum pain is felt by oblivious morons who have over-allocated capital to industries which have no future demand. Slight difference.

In other words, robot CEOs are ubiquitous and artificial intelligence is rampant:

August 2008:
"How to help those left behind":
Ponzi borrowing, printing money, force-fed bailouts, and mass layoffs...

ZH: We Have Seen This Movie Before

"The bulls explain that traditional valuation metrics no longer apply"

"There was no specific catalyst that burst the bubble in March 2000"

Because the catalyst is called "sell":

Prepare for "disruption"