Saturday, April 8, 2017

Key Reversal of Fortune

THIS WEEK, gamblers went ALL IN on Fed double tightening, new conflicts, imploding jobs, collapsing GDP, and a non-existent tax cut. Then again, what bullshit-addicted denialist wouldn't?

Corporate insiders, that's who:

Confirming the 3rd wave down in the S&P - gold, oil, and the Nasdaq all had key reversals, Bitcoin completed its 2nd wave retracement:

Close-up view of Oil. As I said mid-week, oil "leading" is not beneficial to stocks:

Friday key reversal

Nasdaq (100):

Wednesday key reversal

Wednesday key reversal

Friday key reversal

Gold has an excellent track record for ending stock market rallies:

Bitcoin peaked with the S&P a month ago, followed by the clearest five waves down you will ever see. And now the 2nd wave retracement on minimal volume, coinciding with the S&P rolling over:

Biotech had a no good very bad week, having peaked a month ago with the S&P:

Tanger Outlet Malls

"Because borrowing too much money is different this time"

Wall Street's last pump and dump, Snapchat, was down -9.5% on the week:

These zombies enjoy pain, I have to give them that much...