Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hammer Time

This post-2008 era was a long rope consumption zombies used to wrap around their necks and go bungee jumping...

Trump is now "stimulating" the economy via higher interest rates, retail implosion, and commodity collapse, I mean his economic infomercial. It's high time to monkey hammer the bullshit addicts and the bullshit dealers who supply them...

Clearly Globalization's last main by-product is non-stop bullshit. A society of corporate-owned whores blowing smoke up each others' asses constantly. Captured by the corporate media. The real estate industry. The healthcare cartel. The OPEC cartel. The Wall Street den of thieves etc. etc.

Now we see that momentum is the last asset class. The only "yield" is garnered by how many fools can be trapped in the next corner of insolvent investment. Insolvent because Globalization represents supply without demand. The Idiocracy has elected for the most abrupt of endings to this charade by over-investing in excess capacity while simultaneously pulling forward decades worth of consumption via debt accumulation. In combination, those two factors represent an instantaneous drop in consumption via insolvency amid rampant over-supply and corporate bankruptcy. Sounds like fun for a generation of total fucking idiots...

Way back in August 2014, I said that the bear flag in oil would break hard to the downside. And of course it did. Fast forward, and of course we have a new rising wedge in Oil accompanied once again by a rising wedge in Energy stocks.

So, I will go out on a limb and say that Hammer Time is already underway:

Oil caught a bid on Friday compliments of Donny Trump's new military adventure, but will it last?

Michael Cohen, head of energy commodities research at Barclays, believes the biggest bearish risk right now is how what's occurring in Syria impacts the upcoming OPEC meeting in May.

"One of the most important factors that led all of these countries to actually get to a deal back in November of 2016 is the involvement of Russia. If we are now looking at this possibility that there is this … wedge between some of the key players"

In other words, how can Russia hurt the U.S. (oil industry) the most?


The refinanced frackers and junk bonds are low hanging fruit in a renewed oil war:

"Perhaps the Bank of Russia knows something the world doesn’t."

Meanwhile, the beloved jobless consumer, backbone of Globalization, *Free* Trade, and fake wealth is imploding at a record pace...

"Year-to-date store closings are already outpacing those of 2008, when the last U.S. recession was raging"

"No one is shopping because of the weather"

Mall REITS with interest rates

"No one is finding jobs due to the weather"

U.S. Payrolls (12 month Rate of change):

GDP growth

"The bar kept getting lower, and lower, and lower"