Friday, April 28, 2017

Prepare For "Disruption" aka. Competitive Self-Destruction

Today's "best and brightest" are neither, but better to let them find that out on their own...

The term "disruption" was concocted in Ivy League MBA schools and propagated in Silicon Valley boardrooms to sugar coat the obliteration of the erstwhile economy, for fun and profit. Borrowing heavily from the concept behind Creative Destruction - wherein old businesses die and new ones take their place. Unfortunately, disruption today simply means wiping out the economy and replacing it with cheap foreign imports then recycling the resulting deflationary poverty into 0% capital to automate even more jobs. In other words, without Ponzi debt accumulation, the moronic concept of "disruption" would not exist. It's industrial arbitrage masquerading as "innovation".  

Unfortunately, we live in the twilight of a reserve currency hegemony which has sheltered all of the accumulated asinine ideas and people who've never known any concept of reality. All of which has resulted in the Hail Mary election of Donald Trump whose job is to reconfigure the deck chairs on the Titanic in such a way that America comes out "first", while of course preserving record high corporate profits. In other words, Trump bears the collective delusions of a generation that liquidated the future in exchange for special dividends and yet desperately needs to believe that a reality TV saviour can rescue them from competitive self-destruction.

Now, at this late juncture, Wall Street is 100% shorting everything Trump does and says and instead places their full faith and confidence in the last handful of stocks still growing - at the expense of every other company...

Somehow, 23 years after its inception, Wall Street has reinvented as a "disruptive" technology. As if buying things on the internet was somehow a novel concept two decades later. Sure, whatever.

The fact is that the jobless consumer is withering at the end of another debt accumulation cycle and Wall Street has to explain why the retail pie keeps getting smaller and smaller.

"Americans increased spending in the first three months of 2017 by the smallest amount since 2009, marking the U.S. economy’s worst performance in three years. Terrible news, right?"

"Not really."

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