Saturday, April 29, 2017

Sold To The Highest Bidders: 100 Days Of YUUUGE Bullshit

Denialist: Someone who is continually questioning the truth

Trump's "accomplishments" so far:

Implode the global bond market by several trillion dollars
Raise global interest rates .75%
Tighten Fed policy
Hammer subprime auto loans
Hammer Commercial and Industrial loans
Ramp the $USD
Implode the U.S. trade deficit
Implode GDP
Implode Retail
Hire Goldman Sachs back at Treasury
Hire Exxon to run the State Department
Encourage gamblers to go ALL IN

Anyone who believes this mega-buffoon deserves their certain fate:

Today marks Trump's first 100 days of non-stop self-contradicting bullshit, which got bought with both hands by a society of dedicated denialists. What else?

There were so many lies and policy flip flops in the past 100 days, I can't keep track of them all. What matters is that the S&P 500 really enjoyed the continual lying and the Nasdaq enjoyed it even more, posting its latest high on Friday. 

The week of course started off with the LePen, Macron run off result, which the market immediately priced in as a de facto win for France's new investment-banker-in-chief:

No surprise, come Monday, global financials went vertical, especially European banks. U.S. banks which had been hammered the previous Friday on weak earnings results, gapped higher on the great news as well:

The party continued mid-week when Trump unveiled his Magic Unicorns tax plan which was universally derided as dead-on-arrival by his own party, Wall Street, and economists. Nevertheless, record short-interest propelled small cap stocks, the primary beneficiary of lower tax rates, to new all time highs:

We hadn't seen this kind of vertical outperformance in small caps since 2011 and before that 2008:

But by the end of the week, the love affair with banks and small caps had once again yielded to endless love for Facebook and mega cap tech. Tech went vertical on Friday when Amazon confirmed that they are still obliterating the entire rest of the retail sector.

Tanger outlet malls:

Tech is now outperforming the entire rest of the market in a way not seen since the top in 2014

Which by chance is also precisely when the VIX, global stocks, and Oil all reversed and imploded:

Which means we are only now waiting for one thing.

Reversal of fortune:

Money (out) flow

Amazon, Facebook and Google all had key reversals on Friday on heavy volume, closing on the lows of the day


It was an exciting week for big time bullshit:

"No. If you're a total fucking moron, who enjoys getting conned over and over again, then valuation doesn't matter. Just wait for an ever bigger dunce to come along, and act surprised when it's you again"