Thursday, April 6, 2017

Police Squad And The Infomercial aka. The Vacuum Of Intelligence

ZH: Yesterday's Selloff: A Vacuum Between Monetary and Fiscal Policy

While we wait for Donny Trump to grab Xi Jinping's hand and rip it off at the shoulder, Skynet appears to be dusting off the playbook from every other day this week: Pump in the morning and dump in the afternoon? TBD.

Now that EVERYTHING including Amazon has rolled over, what that scenario gets us to ultimately is vertical mode. Which no one sees coming. 

Money (Out)flow:


One thing bulls never want to see is Oil "leading" a late stage rally, because after that the wheels come off the bus...

Oil 10 day rate of change:

Oil with Canadian $

Here we see the C$ is at the breakdown line from last year:

Oil with Agricultural Commodities

Micro cap stocks

10 Year Yield

Breadth (red) with Five year yield
"There was no warning"

How this shit show remains levitated is a testament to the "power" of non-stop bullshit spewed by total fucking morons, trapped in the vacuum of intelligence...

One more gap 'n crap