Sunday, March 5, 2017

Trump: Make 2008 Great Again

I see Trump's goal now, it's to roll everything back to where it was right before it all imploded. A do over...

Promise to fake reflate the outsourced economy

Put Goldman Sachs back in charge at Treasury

Rollback Dodd-Frank protections for the stoned Idiocracy 

Encourage reckless end of cycle gambling in bank stocks by reinstating corruption 

In other words, make banking great again. The way it was right before it imploded the global financial system.

There are dozens and dozens of regional banks that have this similar look, but this one in particular made me nostalgic for 2008.

Why did banks go straight up in 2008 right before they imploded?

For the same reason they are going up now: Lies and corruption...

Quite a bit more leverage this time of course...

"In Greed We Trust"