Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Fuse Is Lit: The Fake Reflation Trade Is Toast

The hot money has to go home...

The Fed came out more dovish than expected, which means the market leading Financials reflation trade just went under the bus along with the dollar. Also meaning that the doors are closing on the rest of the fake reflation trade: Gold, silver, uranium, coal, oil, Natural Gas etc. 

The deflation trade is back...

Compliments of collapsing first quarter GDP, now at .9%. The dollar is doing the Fed's job for them:

The initial casino reaction was S&P straight line higher to fill the last gap above the market. What else?

Compliments of non-existent market liquidity:

All bullish-it of course




Financials with financial asset allocation:

Last chance to get out of the end-of-world uranium trade:

Steel stocks


Coal stocks

The only question on the table - same as the last two times - is how long can Johnson & Johnson hold up this market ?

Because the hot money has to go home now


"Mission Accomplished"