Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trump Made Globalization Great Again

In an Old Age home such as the society we live in, the bar just keeps getting lower, and lower, and lower. One day it's walking half a mile under their own power, the next it's just not shitting their pants. The Idiocracy has paid good money to not see this coming...

"It was a Black Swan event"

There is absolutely no market for the truth today. Uber-bullish hopium, conspiracy theories, fake news, and political bias all have dedicated subscribers - the truth and reality, unsubscribed. Everyone wants their own personalized daily infotainment enema. Therefore, from a truly contrarian standpoint, it stands to reason that the most bearish financial/economic blog must be the most directionally accurate.

Further to the point, Ponzi World blog hits peaked after Trump got elected and have been falling steadily ever since. Because Trump made Globalization great again:

Today, Zerohedge was trolling Gartman's latest "short" position, as a contrarian argument for further potential upside. However, a lazy read will indicate that Gartman is in fact advocating a suicide "long" position aka. the currency hedged Nikkei which just fell -35% prior to the latest rally:

The clearest waves you will see. I elevated this chart to the top of my most bearish list, because it combines market risk, Social Mood risk, currency risk, and overnight risk into one view:

The BOJ meets tonight (Thursday in Tokyo). They are expected to taper their stimulus by 18% for the first time in several years. With the Fed and BOJ out of the way, what could go wrong?

Trolling the troll...
Nevertheless, ZH wasn't really making a cogent point so much as capturing eyeballs -  they were trolling Gartman who flip flops every other day. Whereas ZH flip flops every other blog post, keeping the attention deficit infotained...

Which fits perfectly with my Toll Brothers homebuilders chart:

In other words, it's all fake confidence. And fake news. And there is only one way this can end. With the fewest number of people seeing it coming as possible. 

Housing starts are back to where they were the year I was born: