Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Fed Is Boxed In By Bullshit

The Fed can continue their current course of raising interest rates imploding the economy and forcing the slow motion unwind of the reflation trade OR they can ratchet back tightening expectations which will bring about the instantaneous implosion of the reflation trade.

They are now boxed in by their own lies and b.s along with unprecedented amounts of capital... 

Stocks to bond rotation is well underway, so any attempt by the Fed to take their foot off the peddle will cause this to accelerate, as bonds sense lower interest rates:

They've done their best to implode Commodities, Oil, and Junk bonds:

Slow motion Financials implosion well underway:
Rydex banking stock allocation:

Skynet is now hiding in the world's largest stock by market cap:

What could go wrong?