Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Cascading Waterfall Of Non-Stop Bullshit...

Idiocratic bias has been confirmed:
ZH: Consumption Confidence Highest Since DotCom Bubble

"We are not anchored in reality, we are floating in a sea of confirmation bias"

A slight change to the count:
I call this the cascading waterfall collapse, of non-stop bullshit...

In other words:
"I want my tax cut! Paid for with inter-generational plundering"

Exactly one working day after their Obamacare rollback imploded:

"Taxpayers with roughly average incomes could expect a tax cut of around $1,100 a year under Trump’s plan, compared to just $60 under Ryan’s plan once the proposals were fully implemented."

Notice that the Koch Brothers who actually control the U.S. government were not even mentioned...

"$60! Let's go shopping. Online. That way we can successfully bypass the entire U.S. economy..."

Mall REITs


JC Penney


Rite Aid

Under Armour



Whole Foods