Thursday, February 2, 2017

Too Little. But Not Too Late

Minimum wage increases are too late for workers, but not too late to implode the casino...

I could join the lost boys on ZeroClue and write how the minimum wage will lead to job loss for the least paid workers. But I prefer to write how the minimum wage increase will implode the casino, the PonziConomy, and all of the man bitches who believe in it.

Because before anything gets better, the corporate bukkake whores have to go under the bus. Where they threw everyone else. 

The best wage growth since 2008:
Wage CPI with banks:

Asset Managers aka. "Trusted psychopaths" with One year Treasury yields:

"Then we had another reflation just like 2008"


Asset managers (red) with USDJPY:

"If we're having reflation why is the dollar going down?"

Because you're a serial conned fucktard. Any other questions?