Thursday, February 9, 2017

There's No One Left To Exploit

Even the kings of old knew to never go ALL IN against the people. Never leave them with nothing left to lose.

Too late...
Bailouts, printed money, mass outsourcing, industry-owned government, it's all fun and games until someone loses an everything. Now, 1% of the human population owns more than the remaining 99%. So who is left to exploit? In a zero sum con game, extracting wealth from the working class is squeezing blood from a stone. 

So instead, the casino class bids up their fake wealth by throwing good money after bad, seeing who can be the biggest loser in the casino.

This is going to be extremely painful:

Liquidity aka. the marginal tool:

But unfortunately, quantity of jobs can't replace QUALITY of jobs. This was the colossal failure of modern day Supply-Side pseudo-economics. The boy-man fantasy that an economy can consist of supply without demand. 

Now featuring coffee shops where there used to be factories. ZERO VALUE ADD. As we learned during the Bush era, these low quality waiter and bartender jobs have the shelf life of a rotten banana when the recession arrives. Federal debt doubled in the past eight years, but there will be nothing to show for it, when the CappuccinoConomy implodes.

Let's take a look:



Hard liquor



Wage CPI with Baltic Dry Index

"No industry-owned whore told me my shares are worthless"