Thursday, February 9, 2017

There's No Way Out Of The Hotel Californication

Trump took corruption to level '11'. There's only one way this gleeful mass corruption can end...

Trump promised to "fix" Wall Street, so he hired Goldman Sachs at Treasury and repealed Dodd-Frank

He promised to help the Middle Class, so he is going to impose a border tax to raise middle class taxes and cut corporate taxes

He promised to drain the swamp, so he hired ALL industry insiders into his cabinet

He promised to fix the trade deficit, which is now the worst since 2012, compliments of stronger U.S. dollar since the election

He promised to fix the debt, so now he will cut taxes for the ultra-wealthy while imploding the U.S. budget

"Buy stocks, for next we plunder the grandchildren. Yes, again..."

Realized volatility

Rydex bearish assets level

New S&P highs (15 dma):

Nasdaq with new highs

The NYSE casino rolled over yesterday...