Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Betting It ALL On Forrest Trump

But seriously, what could go wrong?

I have a secret - there's no "inflation" because there are no "wages". Duh...Today's Idiocracy are engaged in a reflationary circle jerk. You know, like last time...

Well at least Goldman made a new high today:

Speaking of circle jerks, remember when oil imploded last February? I do...

Of course back then, oil inventories were not at a new record high as they are now, per today's EIA inventory report:

Last February is circled:

And, oil net speculative longs were not this record high last year either - February is circled, blue line shows net specs at previous time oil passed through this level:

New revelations are coming out continually of the Trump team's ties to Russia, he lost the first round of what likely will be a protracted battle over the immigration halt he placed on seven Muslim-majority countries and polls show his approval rating among the lowest for new presidents

Investors don't seem to mind. Sentiment surveys are soaring and money is pouring into equities...

Any questions?

Junk stock ratio with VIX: