Thursday, February 16, 2017

All Hail The Imploder-In-Chief

A fake President for a fake society...
Putting Trump in the White House in order to control the U.S. is like putting Pee Wee Herman in the Kremlin to control Russia. It could never be considered a long-term strategy...

Nevertheless, he's the perfect con man for a society that desperately wants to be conned: Loud, ignorant, deceptive, sociopathic, crass, and 100% confident in the impossible. 

"A new bull market just started!!!"

"Lie to me please"

Housing starts per capita:

And by all accounts, he has done an excellent job...

Wall Street brokers with index put/call ratio aka. "hedging"

Or not...

Donny Trump is the perfect President for a society that wants to be lied to 24x7. He can't get through five minutes without telling ten conflicting asinine non-truths. He now says that the intelligence leaks were real, but the news that was leaked was fake. The only good news is that every fucktard will believe that. 

All well and good, because with Hillary in charge, this globalized exploitation scheme could have gone on quite a bit longer. Much better that Trump conned the masses into going 150% ALL IN ahead of the implosion. Every time the liar-in-chief says the word "taxes", the Dow adds 100 points:

S&P Rate of change

The hot money S&P 


As we see, the S&P is outperforming the hot money...

That will reverse in another time zone. As it did every other time in the past 18 months:

S&P / VIX with VXX ETF volume: