Monday, January 23, 2017

The Grapes of Wrath: You Can't Fool Everyone...

The Democrats are merely placeholders until the RepubliCons move everything to the right again. The cycle has repeated several times in the past four decades now. This time, they're taking their capital-friendly policies to level 11...

In this Globalized mega cycle, big capital bought everything - the left, the right, the center. They own all of it now. Therefore, they set to work creating a massive cloud of disinformation to cause unprecedented confusion, aided and abetted by the sewer pipe known as the internet. And it "worked" to the extent that false narratives abound on all sides now.

No surprise, now I'm told that it was all a "big con" of the left wing movement - To aggrandize capital and otherwise impoverish the planet. Unfortunately, that's not what happened. What happened is that the erstwhile left got co-opted by big capital and otherwise drowned out by corporatized media. The left was wholly marginalized and reduced to essentially nothing. There is no left anymore. There is only wholly-owned corporate flunkies who call themselves the left. Hannity and Colmes. Where Colmes is just a pseudo-left straight man for Hannity's right wing tirades.  If any of these people were truly left they wouldn't have gotten bought in the first place. Duh. Only a profoundly corrupt fucktard believes this garbage.  

In addition, since it's all a left-wing conspiracy, for their part the right wing movement never wanted all of Globalization's gains to accrue to profits. That wasn't supposed to happen. Socialists made it happen. Greed and gluttony must be given a free pass, because after all that's "the system". 

Sure. Who believes this garbage. Almost everyone, that's who. The sheeple at large, the lamestream media. Zerohedge's cabal of traffic-seeking bloggers, half of whom are indicted criminals etc. 

Mark my words, the lesson for this misdirection will be painful for those who bought into it. It will be a lesson in getting conned by greed, they will never forget. Tattooed on generations to follow. 

And there will be convictions this time, once all of the riots calm down.